Peter Pan - The Forgotten Story of Phar Lap's Successor

What the readers have thought

  • bernadette

    I am currently enjoying your book on this legend of the turf Jessica. You have stitched together life in the era, along with the life of the wonderful peter pan - you have a gift! Please tell us who you are penning next
  • John

    Hi Jessica. Just finished reading your book on Peter Pan. Congratulations! A fantastic read. Looking forward to your next book. Cheers.
  • Anthony Byles

    Peter Pan was one of the great Australian racehorses of the 20th century, rated only 3 lb. behind Phar Lap, 2 lb. behind Tulloch and level with Bernborough. Jessica Owers obviously has a great love of Peter Pan, and written like a novel, she skilfully draws to life the racing career and sadly, the tragic end of this wonderful racehorse. A thoroughly recommended read for any lover of the thoroughbred racehorse.
  • John Merriman

    Hi Jessica, just thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your book on Peter Pan. It was a thoroughly entertaining read and came across as being exquisitely (painfully?) researched. I look forward to your next book. (Maybe you could write it on New Atlantis – my favourite horse)!
  • Ashley Anderson

    Dear Jessica, I guess the mere fact that l’m putting pen to paper or in this day and age, one finger to the key board, should be ample proof of how much your book is affecting me .If l could put it into words than l guess l’d be a writer,but l’m not, just an a appreciater of a great story.l grew up on a Cattle Station in Central Australia and even though l was living the ultimate childhood,that kids could only dream of,l guess at the time l didn’t know it,l just thought it was how every Kid grew up. l loved books and reading Enid Blyton and the Famous Five,l was taken on adventures l could only dream about.Her books were that well written l was there in them. So to come to the present,l was quite excited when l read about Your Book coming out,l refrained from buying it straight away because l wanted to save it to read on my 15 hour flight to Fort Worth at the end of this month,yesterday l went into Hunt-A-Book in Scone and bought it, last night at 8pm it was sitting on the dining room table,l sat down on the hard wooden chair and thought l’ll just read the bit about You…….Five and half hours later,eyes strained and muscles aching,l came out of the 1930s Racing Era,l was there walking down Doncaster Avenue hearing all the noises of the stables…….Not since my childhood days have l become so part of the story…….. l’m a racehorse story tragic,l’ve read every fiction and non fiction book l could find and have kept most of them,my favourite was TJ ‘The Midas Man’,Seabiscuit is my Bible and a few years back l found ‘The Shearers Colt’ by Banjo,l was mortified to think he wrote it in 1936 and it took me till 2009 to find it. l’m a third of the way through,l want to finish it but l don’t, l want the story to go on and on ha ha,l keep having to tell myself that You weren’t there,but the way You write l swear to God You were a Fly on Peter Pans ear…….. l usually don’t prattle on like this and like to think l’m a man of few words,but my Father taught me ‘to give credit where credits due’.
  • Anthony Byles

    When I received my copy and found it was over 400 pages I thought it was going to be another "Sea Biscuit" i.e. a slog. But just halfway through it and found it a very pleasant and easy read. It reads almost like a novel. The research you have done is comendable; and the detail you have woven into the story makes it very readable. The detail is such that it could have done with some chapter notes, but this is only a minor issue. I can understand you being in love with Peter Pan; he was undoubtedly a grand horse and probably better than Phar Lap. Phar Lap had a Timeform rating of 138 (rated 30th in 20th century world ratings) compared to Peter Pan's 135 (127th), indicating he would have been better than good enough to win our Derby in 1932. But Phar Lap was a gelding and in my opinion a totally different type of horse. I don't believe in geldings being allowed to compete in Classic or Group 1 races. They should be confined to handicaps and National Hunt racing. It would be interesting to know where Mr.Dangar's views on Alwina's breeding came from? Mermaid was the seventh dam of Peter Pan and therefore would have little influence on his ability. As an amateur pedigree analyst I would doubt if there is any influence beyond the third generation. I was interested to see Your Majesty, as the maternal grand sire of Pantheon. He was a grand horse, also winner of the St.James's Palace Stakes, and a direct descendant of Canary Bird, great grand dam of my Gladiator. For a future project you could do some thing on Bernborough, another good Austarlian horse; I believe he had a string of about fifteeen wins at one time.
  • Richard Evans

    I hope your book is selling well. Whilst it tells it chronicles the life of a great horse, in so many ways it tells the story of Australians-their association with racing; the depression and how life was. It is a credit to you—I hope you write some more.
  • GayMarie Maas

    Dear Jessica congratulations this beautiful story of Peter Pan really touched my heart. I have been with the thoroughbred allmy life and to see the names of Jack Jamieson and the horses he trained, well my tear drops have now marked the pages. My dad was apprenticed to Mr. Jamieson all those years ago. In later he was employed by Mr Sol Green at Underbank Stud, Bacchus Marsh where both Peter Pan and Phar Lap spelled. What a thrill that was for me. Now Peter Pan can never be forgotten and I will treasure his book forever. 'sincerely, Gay Marie.
  • Neil Stagg

    Well done Ms Owers. This is the best Australiana books I\'ve read in a long-long time. Living abroad I miss the bush and my \"horsy\" younger years. I can well see how this book took you so many years to research. Your acknowledgements also reads like a whose-who. In a way I\'m sorry I never knew Mr Dangar. In another time, I would have liked to have met him. For a man to stick to his principles of \"for Australia\" during those hard years when the lure big US money was at his feet, takes a power of respect that he didn\'t sell his beloved horse for greed. You don\'t mention what became of the 1932 Melbourne Cup (?). I also saw somewhere that Mr Dangar\'s family were or in process of selling the 1934 Melbourne Cup. I wonder how Mr Dangar would go for that? I know its a personal family issue and theirs to do, but I\'m sure he would have wanted it kept in Australia and visible to an admiring Australian public. Like many from those hard times, they fell on bad luck but this was a story of sucess sprinled with love and sentiment for a great animal that returned the affection. Your style is very good and once again, I found it a truly great read. Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Karen Harris

    I bought your book 'Peter Pan' at your book signing at Singleton and went on the bus trip to Baroona in December. I like watching people, and I noticed that when you were signing your book you really listened to the person you were signing it for and didn’t rush them. You were down to earth and very approachable. After listening to you talk enthusiastically about Peter Pan, I knew I couldn’t read the book until I had time off over Christmas as I wouldn’t be able to put it down. How right I was to leave it until then as I didn’t put it down until I had finished it. It was well worth the wait and I have since read it a second time. You have a gift with your writing. You brought the 1930’s to life and I felt transported back to those times. Until I met you, all I knew about Peter Pan was that he had been a race horse. Now I know how amazing he really was and can understand how he captured your heart. I agree with you that he was a greater horse than Phar Lap. I know it is useless info, but when I told Mum about Peter Pan, she immediately said that as a child she had large wooden rocking horse named Peter Pan. She remembers her father had a win on Peter Pan and bought the rocking horse for her. When I visited my grandparents I can remember the rocking horse, and I think he gave me as much enjoyment as he gave Mum. I guess there are stories like this all over Australia. Earlier tonight, ABC1 screened a show called “Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Bed”. At Coolgardie in WA there is a beautiful old home named Peter Pan. You guessed it, Ernie Scahill who purchased it in 1929 had a win on Peter Pan at the races and named the house after him. There is more info on the ABC web site as well as a link to WA environment heritage about the home. Thank you for writing your book. I enjoyed it so much and lost myself in it for hours. Your style of writing has me hooked and I look forward to reading your next book.
  • Judith McDonald

    I am only half way through your book Jessica but if work and the Christmas rush hadn't been in the way I'd be re-reading it already. It is a spine-tingling experience to read the story of the horse I have grown up hearing about and it has brought him to life for me. I am totally in love! Rodney Dangar was my great uncle by marriage. Elsie was one of my father's aunts. The McDonald family lived at "Lowlands" in William Street Double Bay. I was a little disappointed that my family's name was spelt "Macdonald" in your book although I have a book which belonged to my (great) Aunt Bea inscribed "Beatrice Macdonald". However the correct spelling is most certainly "McDonald". My great grandfather Robert was at one time the Surveyor General for NSW (like Henry Dangar) and went on to become the Under Secretary for Lands (the Secretary being in Britain). I bought 4 copies of your book after I discovered it, to give to my siblings and a racing mad friend who is also loving it. So thank you and I hope the sales go through the roof. If it comes to a 2nd Edition, can I request a spelling correction and a little more re my great grandfather? Regards Judith McDonald
  • Jenny Graham

    Beautiful website Jess. Always loved Peter Pan, knew he'd won 2 Melbourne Cups & loved his colouring but didn't realise just how good he was. Can't wait to read your book!
  • Tony Doyle

    I am a very keen racegoer and keen punter although only a small bettor. I am also an avid reader and my wife picks up books from time to time for me and she stumbled across your book Peter Pan. She bought it in the hope I would like it. It is the best book I have ever read. You brought a remarkable champion horse to life. What a thrill for racegoers it must have been to have seen him race. I see in your bio you are writing your second racing book. I look forward to its release. Well done on writing such a fantastic book, I was reading the last pages on the train to work this week and can you believe it I was teary.
  • Katherine Roempke

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, it is so well told. I very much enjoyed the book signing in Singleton and the trip to "Baroona", to visit the grave of Peter Pan and to see the stately home once owned by Rodney Dangar.
  • Steve

    For someone unfamiliar with the sport of kings, this is not only a captivating read but an education as well. A great balance, congratulations to the author.
  • Kelly Anderson

    This is an amazing story! I had no idea Peter Pan was this good. Easy to read book, great great writing. Ending is beautiful - I was crying! Thanks for a great book.
  • Cliff Bingham

    True racing lovers will plough through this book in a matter of days - too enthralling to walk away from for long. A great story of a champion racehorse, lovingly told.
  • Annie Butler

    Congratulations Jess! Beautiful website! I cant wait to read your book. I have watched you work really hard for some years now on this wonderful project and now my dear friend here you are an author! We are all very proud of you! The Butlers
  • Jim Owers

    Be exceptionally proud of what you've achieved here. You have finally, after many many years of research and hard work, brought back to life the great and legendary Peter Pan. The Forgotten Story of Phar Lap's Successor. A great story and now a fantastic book. Best wishes,
  • Kate Owers

    Congratulations Jess, great webite. Good luck with the launch. Mum
  • Jim Owers

    Impressive site and enjoyed taking a glipmse into the glorious past of Peter Pan via those magnificent photographs. Wishing you the very best with the book Jess. Dad
  • Dave and Lee Maher

    Hope the book launch goes well for you. Great website, the book looks fantastic - a must for any racing fan's library!
  • Greg Peters (Grogsy)

    I can't wait for the actual release! I've followed the story of Peter pan for a while now and I'm really looking forward to the full story being told by the wonderfully talented Jess! And I'm not just saying that cause I'm one of her favorites haha! No seriously it should be a great read!
  • Mark Devereux

    Great site - and love the pics! Looking forward to picking up my e-copy of the book soon. Best of luck!
  • Brandon Washington

    Great site! can't wait to read the book!
  • Sonya O'Carroll

    Beautiful website. With this new book Peter Pan is written into the racing history books, never to be forgotten. Good luck to Jess.