Peter Pan - The Forgotten Story of Phar Lap's Successor
Peter Pan
In 1932 they said there would never be another Phar Lap.
Yet that same year there came a racehorse so wildly brilliant that he was instantly compared to the dead champion.

He was Peter Pan.
Within months of Phar Lap's death, Peter Pan had won the Melbourne Cup, and two years later he won it again - the first horse in 72 years to clinch a second. He then broke the mile record in Australia. The nation's greatest stayer became the nation's greatest miler. The newspapers of the day called him a 'superhorse' and declared 'another Phar Lap takes the stage'. His jockey announced his talent as 'something of a miracle in the history of horse racing'. But over the long, lonely years, Australia forgot it's new champion.

Peter Pan: The Forgotten Story of Phar Lap's Successor is the tale of the horse that came next - the brilliant, speedy Peter Pan. Casting off the shadow of Phar Lap, it is a story of triumph during the Great Depression and the coming of a champion when Australia least expected one.

It is time to restore the standing of our other great racing hero.